The ALFS Charity Festival and Bazaar 2017 will be held on 19 April 2017. アジアの祭典チャリティバザー2017が今年も開催されます!!

日時:2017年4月19日(水) 11:00-15:00
場所:ANAインターコンチネンタル東京 地下1階大宴会場




入場券(抽選券付):2,000円  (寄付)


ラッフル(福引券):500円 (寄付)




Dear Friends,

The Samoa Embassy participated in last year’s Asia Pacific Ladies Friendship Society fundraising activities which included an annual bazaar and golf tournament. All proceeds were shared amongst Asia-Pacific Embassies to donate to charitable work within their respective countries. The funds were distributed to entities and organisations that support the welfare of women and children.

The Samoa Embassy’s share of the proceeds from last year went to the Women’s Committee of Lepa, Aleipata District The Vaigalu Freshwater Catchment project aims to capture all of the spring water for use by the village communities and families by constructing a pool/reservoir at the source of the spring water and to connect this water to the existing main water pipe and to the existing small pool. This project will increase access to potable and safe drinking water for all families, including women and children in these communities.

We are delighted to say that this will be the seventh donation from ALFS that has assisted community projects in Samoa since the Embassy became an ALFS member in 2010. The first ALFS donation helped fund public awareness campaign for the Samoa Cancer Society during its initial start-up phase. The second donation was used to buy 25 sewing machines for the Satalo village sewing project that would provide income generation for women in that village and was monitored by the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development. Channelled through and monitored by the Women in Business Development Group, the third donation saw the provision of six (6) water tanks for fine mat weavers association in the island of Savaii and machinery parts for virgin coconut oil and fetau oil production. The fourth donation funded 10 tuition scholarships for Samoan students at the National University of Samoa for the academic year 2015, the fifth donation funded Community Centre for Women and Children at Siusega village in Samoa. This Centre will provide a common space where the village women can conduct meetings, trainings and undertake income-generating activities such as sewing, weaving, and making handicrafts while providing shelter for young children while women are engaged in these activities.

Making a positive difference in local communities and families is very important to us, particularly for the women and children. It is why we look forward to continue working with ALFS to raise funds and awareness for grassroots-level projects.

In saying this, we humbly seek your kind assistance in this year’s bazaar. We are selling raffle tickets at 500 yen per ticket, and door tickets at 2,000 yen per ticket. The proceeds from these sales contribute to the bulk of the money raised during the event. Embassies in Japan are required to sell at least 200 raffle tickets and 100 door tickets, as well as sell country products in their respective booths.

There is a wonderful line-up of prizes to be won from the raffle including round-trip airline tickets to Asia-Pacific destinations as well as artefacts and cultural items from the region as per attachment.

Your kind assistance in making a purchase or sharing this information with your contacts would be greatly appreciated.

To buy a ticket or get more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Rapture Pagaialii or Ms. Iyo Matsumoto by email or phone. Thank you very much.


Telephone: 03-6228-3692

ALFS バザー2017 ALFS Bazaar 2017 English


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